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Tuesday October 21, 2014 5-8pm
  Ladies Night at our Jeffersontown Store - 10820 Penion Drive 40299: It is that time of year for our Ladies Night at our Jeffersontown store(10820 Penion drive 40299). The event is Tuesday October 21st from 5:30pm-8pm. This event is FREE! Plenty of knowledge on car maintenance, airbags, paintless dent repair, what to do in case of an accident, paint care for your vehicle, and everything in between. We will have vendor booths set up so you can start that holiday shopping. A licensed massage therapist will be set up this year giving away free massages! There will be plenty of door prizes and if you bring a friend you will get an extra door prize ticket! Food and drink will be provided and everyone will walk away with a free tote bag filled with goodies. Do not miss this chance for a night with the ladies! Reserve your seat at RSVP@glaserscollision.com or if you need more information please email heather@glaserscollision.com.
November 12, 2013
  Ladies Night Date Change: There has been a date change for our Ladies Night at Glaser's Collision Center of Jeffersontown. it has now been moved to Tuesday November 12, 2013 from 5:30PM to 8:00PM. If you have already RSVP'd no need to do it again we will contact you to see if this date still works. Sorry about any inconvenience this may cause. Please see blog below for full description of this event. Thanks and hope to see you there.
October 15, 2013
  Ladies Night: Glaser's Collision Center of Jeffersontown is hosting its annual Ladies Night on Tuesday October 15th at 10820 Penion Drive from 5:30-8:00 PM. This event will be FREE and for ladies only. Please join us for some food, refreshments, shopping with local vendors, and plenty of chances to win fabulous door prizes. There will be seminars with different stations set up in order for you to gain hands on learning experience about vehicle maintenance. Plus, everyone is going to walk away with a tote bag containing FREE goodies. Don't delay and RSVP today at RSVP@glaserscollision.com or call our Jeffersontown store at 502-266-5905
Collision Repair | Jeffersontown

The Repair Process

1. Accident Occurs
2. Call Insurance Company
3. Call Towing Company if needed
4. Select Glaser's Collision Center
5. Get an Estimate
6. Get an Estimated Completion Date
7. Owner signs Authorization form
8. Insurance Negotiations Completed
9. Parts Ordered
10. Parts Arrive
11. Vehicle arrives for repairs
12. Vehicle Disassembled and Re-Inspected
13. Write supplement and order additional parts
14. Supplement approved by Insurance company
15. Update scheduled completion date
16. Complete Frame and Structural work if necessary
17. Body Repairs done and ready for paint
18. Priming and Sealing repaired surfaces
19. Sand, prep and tape up for refinishing
20. Confirm completion date with customer
21. Refinish the repaired panels
22. Vehicle is reassembled
23. Vehicle is Detailed, Vacuumed and inspected
24. Owner is called and vehicle is inspected

Your Rights
If you were recently in an automobile accident be aware of your rights according to the laws of the state of Kentucky.

No law requires you to get more than one estimate.
You have the right to choose your repair shop. The laws of Kentucky state this is your choice.
Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular shop. It is your vehicle and your choice where you get it repaired.
If you are a claimant against someone's insurance, in Kentucky the insurance company must provide you with a rental vehicle during the time your vehicle is being repaired.
The insurance company cannot dictate which rental company you use. Kentucky laws states this is your choice.
In the state of Kentucky there is no deductible on glass. This includes mirrors, headlights and tail lamps.
If you had a child's car seat in your vehicle at the time of the accident inform the insurance company. It may need to be replaced even if a child was not in the seat. Many manufactures recommend replacing the seats after an accident because of the possibility of unknown damage.
Differences in repair estimates are common. Some shops lowball or underwrite estimates to get jobs in the door and then bill for the amount needed after the vehicle is in the repair process.
An estimate is only a guide line not a final bill.

Insurance Information
People often have many questions about what their insurance is allowed to do when it comes to repairing your vehicle and what they as the owner are responsible for. We have put together the following 10 guidelines to help answer some of your questions:

1. If you have an accident and it is your fault or you choose to have the vehicle repaired under your policy, you will have to pay your deductible. Your deductible is the amount you have set up with your agent that you must pay when you have an accident
2. A Collision claim is different than a Comprehensive claim in that a collision claim involves you hitting something, or hitting another vehicle or something hitting you. A comprehensive claim covers most other accidents. For example, Comprehensive claims would include hitting a deer, vandalism, hail damage, tree damage, theft (acts of God) etc.
3. .If you have an accident that is the fault of the other driver, you can choose to have your car fixed through the other driver's insurance company. During that time you are owed a rental car and will not have to pay any deductible.
4. Most Insurance companies will require the use of Used or Aftermarket parts on your vehicle if available and certified. However, the insurance company is obligated to restore your vehicle to pre-loss condition. If those parts do not fit properly or meet that standard, new OEM parts will be used.
5. If you have an accident and have the car fixed under your policy, you will need to check if you have "rental car use" on your policy. Despite a common misconception, full coverage on a policy does not include rental car coverage also. You must ask for this to be added to your policy. It is relatively inexpensive to add and well worth the cost if used even for 1 day.
6. Not every vehicle that has an accident will have an alignment done. If the vehicle has frame damage or suspension damage, the car will most likely have an alignment done. Most collisions will not affect the alignment of the vehicle.
7. If you are hit by another vehicle and you do not feel comfortable going through that insurance company for the repairs, you do have the choice to go through your own company for the repairs. If you do go through your own company however, you will have to pay your deductible and will also need to have rental car coverage on your policy. Your insurance company will then go after the "at fault" insurance carrier to try to recuperate your deductible. Some people elect to take this route if they feel like the other insurance company wants to fix their car in a way they do not prefer or is taking too long through the process.
8. If you have a glass only claim in the State of Kentucky, (windshields, door glass, mirror glass, headlights or taillights) and that is the only part damaged, it will be replaced with a ZERO deductible under state law.



It is illegal in the State of Kentucky for any insurance company to dictate where you must get your car repaired. It is your right to have your vehicle repaired anywhere you chose. Frequently, insurance companies will suggest certain shops to you which are in your area or shops that they tend to use; however, you may still have your car repaired at the shop of your choice.
10. Some insurance companies will give you a check when they write their original estimate. Many people believe that by accepting that check or cashing it, they have agreed that the vehicle must be fixed for that price and will have to pay any additional amount themselves. That is not correct. It is however important that you present the estimate that coincides with that check to the repair shop so they repair the vehicle the way the insurance company is dictating. In that case, any additional damage will also be paid for from the insurance company. Also to save you time, you do not have to cash the insurance check, you can hold onto it until your vehicle's repairs are finished and sign over the check to the shop at that point.

How To Care For Your Car
After having your car repaired at our facility it is important to take proper care of your vehicle's paint in order to protect your Lifetime Warrantee. The first step is no waxing freshly painted panels for at least 90 days. During that time, your paint is going through a curing process, and wax does not allow the paint to properly cure. We also recommend hand washing the vehicle, but if you choose to take it to an automatic car wash, try to use "Touchless" car washes only. Car washes that use brushes will leave light scratches in the clear coat and can compromise the beauty of your vehicles paint job. If you follow these suggestions and try to be proactive in removing bugs, sap, road tar, or bird droppings as soon as possible, you will help keep your vehicle's surface shiny and new for years.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my repairs take?
If your vehicle is drivable, we will order the parts necessary to repair your vehicle before you will be asked to drop it off. Once we have both the repair parts and your vehicle, the time we need for repairs depends upon the number of labor hours required. Glaser's, as well as most other shops, averages approximately five labor hours per day which is due to certain process intervals such as drying times. Therefore, a twenty hour repair assignment would require approximately four days to complete. If your vehicle requires an alignment or additional damage is found, it may also require additional days in the shop.

Will my car still drive correctly after the repair?
If your vehicle requires structural or suspension work to be done, our facilities are equipped with the latest technology to correctly repair your vehicle and bring it back to within factory specifications. After those repairs have been made, your vehicle will have a wheel alignment done prior to the delivery. This ensures that your vehicle will be correctly repaired and will drive just like it was before the work was done.

What is "Blending"?
Blending is the process in which the painter applies base coat or color to approximately twenty percent (20%) of the body panel to help the color match from a previously painted panel. After the base coat is applied, the entire panel is clear coated.

Will the paint match or does my entire vehicle need to be painted?
If a panel is replaced, the adjacent panels will also be blended to match the rest of your vehicle. For example, if the hood of your vehicle has to be replaced, both front fenders would also be blended for a prefect color match. If the paint on the vehicle is excessively faded, we will often polish those panels at no cost to help the transition between fresh paint and older faded panels.

Will my paint crack or peel?
Your paint job has a lifetime guarantee with Glaser's. When you have your vehicle repaired and painted with us, we stand behind our work for as long as you own the vehicle. The paint should never crack, peel or excessively fade. If you have any problem with your paint, just bring it back to us.

What is "Betterment"?
Betterment is a policy used by insurance companies for replacing a "wearable" part that was worn out and giving you something better in its place. For example, if you have a tire that you bought two years and 30,000 miles ago, and it gets replaced with a brand new tire, the insurance companies take the position that they are giving you something better than what you had at the time. Therefore, they will "pro-rate" the cost of the part and require you to pay the difference. Although all insurance companies have varying policies, it is common for them to "pro-rate" wear items such as batteries, tires, shock absorbers and struts, exhaust components, and brake pads.
Will you use factory paint on my vehicle?
Actually, in the repair industry there is no such thing as "factory" paint. Every car is painted with a specific paint code to match that color. Our paint manufacturer and advanced color matching system will allow us to custom blend your paint on site to correctly match your vehicle. Then, the painter will often tint the color to get the "perfect" match for your car. Keep in mind that the color match is also covered under our Lifetime Guarantee.

Can I have my car fixed wherever I want or must I go where my insurance company says?
It is illegal in the state of Kentucky for any insurance company to dictate where you must get your car repaired. It is your right to have your vehicle repaired anywhere you chose. Frequently, insurance companies will suggest certain shops to you which are in your area or shops that they tend to use; however, you may still have your car repaired at the shop of your choice.

How long before I can wash my car after I pick it up?
The moment you pick your car up from our shop, you will be able to wash it. It's actually the final step we perform on your car before we make it available to you for pickup. We highly recommend either hand washing or a "Touchless" car wash system. Car washes that use brushes can often leave tiny scratches in the clear coat. Also keep in mind that our Lifetime Warrantee on the paint job is conditioned upon no waxing for the first 90 days since the paint must complete its curing process during that period.

What is a Direct Repair Program (DRP) facility?
Many insurance companies have shops that they work directly with called Direct Repair Program facilities (DRPs). These consist of shops that have signed a contract with a specific insurance company to expedite the repair process as an aid to both the customer and the insurance company. After an accident, you can bring your car directly to us since we are proud to have been selected as a "DRP" facility by numerous insurance companies. This will ensure that you will get your vehicle repaired and returned to you sooner.

Why is your estimate higher or lower than others I have?
Since every repair shop is different, it's likely that none of your estimates will match exactly. However, assuming the same work is being performed by each shop and similar parts are being used, the estimates should all be reasonably close. If you have a question about an estimate that we wrote because of its variance from others you've received, please stop by and let us make sure that each shop is doing the same repair with equal quality parts. If an insurance estimate has been written, we will work directly with that estimate so that you will not incur any additional costs to have your vehicle repaired properly.

Why is the final bill so much higher than the original estimate?
When the original estimate is written either the repair shop or by the insurance company, only visible damage can be estimated. Once the vehicle is disassembled, there is sometimes additional damage which becomes apparent. Such supplemental damage, that requires additional repair time or parts, is more often found on "harder hit" vehicles. Glaser's will remove all the damaged parts and check for underlying damage that may otherwise be missed so that your vehicle will be repaired correctly.

Do I need to collect 2 or 3 estimates for my insurance company?
Many insurance companies will often ask you to get two or three estimates as a way to get an accurate gauge on the cost of the repairs. While multiple estimates does your insurance company a favor, it costs you extra time and expense to travel around town, and sometimes, wait. All you need to do is come to our facility for a repair estimate and then inform your insurance company that you have chosen Glaser's for your repairs. The insurance company can then work with our estimate or send direct assignments to us to repair your vehicle.

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